about wilton international
  • Background

    Wilton International offers major advantages to energy-intensive businesses looking to succeed.

    The 2,000 acre site is one of the UK’s most important locations for process industry manufacturing.

    Centred on Teesside in North East England – a major UK exporting region – the “can do” attitude of the people and the site’s distinctive features and capabilities make it attractive to a broad range of businesses, particularly those in energy intensive industrial sectors.
    Recent years have seen significant investments by firms in rapidly growing high value, low carbon areas.

    These include green energy, biofuels and plastics recycling operations. Other sectors – including minerals processing, automotive, data centres and advanced manufacturing – are also recognising the many attractions of Wilton.
    With shared access to low cost power, steam and other utilities, the integrated site infrastructure and high quality site services, firms also derive benefits from the strengths and shared economic ambition of the Teesside area.

    These include supportive local MPs, Government and business partner organisations and excellent transport communications enabling easy access to markets, superb supply chain companies and a flexible workforce steeped in process operation experience.

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  • Economic Importance

    Wilton International is of major importance to the local, regional and national economy.

    Thousands of people rely on the site and the adjacent Wilton Centre for work each day. Most live in the Teesside area and spend millions of pounds on goods and services each year.
    Hundreds of supply chain companies – including contractor firms offering a wide range of maintenance and engineering goods and services – are based on site or close by and are critical to the success of the main companies.
    The process industries in the North East contribute more than £10 billion to the national economy each year with Teesside also a centre for Offshore Renewable Engineering and home to the UK’s largest exporting port.
    Teesside has some of the lowest operating costs in the UK, with rent and rates around half that of most major UK cities and a quarter of those in Aberdeen, London and the South East. The area also boasts an experienced, skilled and affordable workforce.

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  • Companies



    Sembcorp Utilities UK is a leading industrial energy, utilities and services provider based in Teesside.

    With major customers in key UK industrial manufacturing sectors including chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels and recycling, the business is investing heavily in greener and more renewable forms of energy.

    Sembcorp also plays a key role in attracting global investment and jobs to the Wilton International site through its business development activities.

    “The professionally managed site has a long and successful history of welcoming investors in an increasingly wide range of energy intensive sectors.”

    Stephen Hands, SVP and Site Director, Sembcorp Utilities UK

    Sembcorp Utilities UK Ltd

    PO Box 1985, Wilton International, Middlesbrough,TS90 8WS

    Tel: +44 (0)1642 212000
    Fax: +44 (0)1642 212690

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  • Site Integration

    Wilton is a hugely integrated site with a superb infrastructure. Steam and electricity needs are met through modern, reliable onsite power generating assets backed by a National Grid connection.

    There are also more than 120Km of corridor carrying pipelines, cables and distribution systems – important links saving investors time and money in getting new projects off the ground quickly.

    Similarly, culverts, bridges, pipe supports and anchor blocks, cable routes and supports also add to the infrastructure advantages of the site. Development is also enhanced by existing rights of access and planning consent on certain parts of the site.

    Wilton Supplier Village is another major attraction to site companies, offering a wealth of expertise and experience in operation and engineering support. Located centrally, it allows supplier companies to support current and potential future site initiatives.

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  • Logistics

    The site offers excellent connections into the UK and mainland Europe via road, rail and sea.


    Wilton is easily accessible from the North and South via the A1 (M) and A19 with the A66 and M62 providing excellent links east to west.
    A private road connects Wilton directly to Teesport, providing access without having to leave site or use public roads; resulting in quick connections for deliveries to and from the port.


    Wilton has one of the largest privately owned rail sidings in the UK, comprising a total of 26 miles of Bullhead rail track. The extensive track network is connected to the main Middlesbrough to Saltburn line and also links directly to Teesport, making Wilton the perfect location for any business requiring goods in or goods out.


    Teesport operated by PD Ports is just two miles from the Wilton International site and is widely recognised as one of the best connected and fastest growing feeder ports in the UK, providing easy access to some of the world’s largest shipping lines. It is the UK’s third largest port by tonnage, with more than 5,000 vessel calls a year and handles 40 million tonnes of cargo.

    Tees Freight Terminal, based on Teesport, and independently owned and operated by AV Dawson, provides additional logistics support by road, rail, land and sea. The 40 hectare site includes one of the largest independent rail terminals in the North of England, an 850m quayside offering port and shipping services, extensive warehousing, container storage and a supporting road transport fleet. With direct links to the East Coast Mainline, four railheads offer unique and market specific freight handling services, including bulk and intermodal transportation and storage. Port and shipping services include berthing for deep-drafted vessels, heavy-lift cranes to 215 tonne capacity and an onsite ships agency.

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  • Safety and Security

    Safety is the top priority of all companies operating on the Wilton International site and the site safety record is comparable with the best in the world.

    All site firms take safety, health and environmental (SHE) matters extremely seriously and share their knowledge and experiences on a regular basis to maintain the highest standards of operation.

    Many of the companies carry out operations covered by the UK Government’s Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) regulations 1999 and as such must abide by strict safety, health and environmental rules and regulations under the watchful eye of the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

    Falck Fire Services UK provides a range of rapid response emergency services to customers from its base on site. Its parent company provides a similar service at other industrial locations across Europe.
    Falck also offers around the clock security for customers and its range of services is specifically designed to safeguard customers and their assets.

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  • Partnership

    By working together site firms achieve more and share the same philosophy in relation to all important environmental, health and safety matters.

    The cost of many site services, including emergency response services and pipeline maintenance, is shared between the companies, saving cost and maximising value for money support.

    External stakeholder groups understand the needs and importance of local industry in creating wealth and jobs, sharing the same goal of enhancing the industrial and economic credentials of the area.

    Five of the area’s local authorities have now joined forces to create the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) – a single voice for strategic decisions on economic development, transport infrastructure and skills. TVCA also plays an important role in securing additional resources for the region from Government.

    Tees Valley Unlimited (TVU) was one of the first Local Enterprise Partnerships in the country to gain Government approval and is an integral part of TVCA. Along with other partner organisations including the North East Process Industries Cluster (NEPIC) it has a well-deserved reputation for fighting for jobs and growth.

    Local education and training providers include Teesside University, Middlesbrough College, TTE Technical Training Group and Redcar and Cleveland College – They exist to ensure people in the area have the right skills and competencies to fill key operational and management roles.

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  • Power

    Low Carbon Power

    Low cost, low carbon, secure supplies of power are at the heart of the appeal of the Wilton International site to customers

    All power supplied to customers (to 66Kv) comes from green or more environmentally sustainable facilities. These include major biomass and energy from waste units and gas and steam turbines. Together they save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year compared to power derived from coal burning facilities.

    Low carbon power generated on-site avoids certain National Grid charges and green taxes, providing manufacturers with competitively priced energy from the largest private electricity distribution network in the UK.

    The modern power generating facilities are backed up by a nearby National Grid import/export connection. This combination provides manufacturers with resilience and the security of uninterrupted supply 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

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  • Steam

    Millions of tonnes of steam are supplied into the site each year by Sembcorp Utilities UK, utilising its combined heat and power facilities. The steam is distributed at high, intermediate and low pressures through a comprehensive network of pipelines.

    Steam supply is of key importance to many site processes and Wilton International has the flexibility to respond to varying customer demand at short notice.

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  • Water

    The high grade water treatment plant run by Sembcorp is one of the largest multi-stream facilities of its kind in Europe and the largest in the UK

    It is capable of supplying more than 1,600m3 per hour and holding 11,000m3 of stock. This high grade demineralised water is then distributed to Wilton Site customers via its pipeline service or via loaded collections to be distributed across the UK.

    As well as demineralised water Sembcorp can supply industrial quantities of potable and raw water to processes on site.

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  • Gas

    Sembcorp can supply natural and fuel gas to customers on site located on site through the gas distribution network. Gas is competitively priced compared to the rest of the UK due to access to short haul gas via the North Sea and utilisation of Teesside’s excellent infrastructure.

    Locating at Wilton International reduces the typical consent and install time for an industrial gas connection from 2-3 years to less than one year. Furthermore connection costs are significantly cheaper reducing project capex.

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  • Industrial Gases

    Connections to industrial gases such as Oxygen and Nitrogen are available on site. Other industrial gases are available within the wider Teesside industrial area and a supply solution can be arranged – depending on the needs of the plant and third parties.

    Sembcorp also manages the drainage system on the site and has significant waste water and effluent management expertise.

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  • About

    Land Development

    Wilton International features 130 acres of Greenfield development land available with outline planning permission for heavy industrial use, plus an additional 200 acres of brownfield land and 230 acres of light industrial development land.

    Together with ready-made site wide infrastructure including tunnels, roads, rail, pipe bridges, culverts, drains and effluent outfall management, it has everything needed to enable investors to get on stream quickly.


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  • Development Land

    Across the Wilton International site there is a range of development plots available for investors to come and develop upon. As well as having access to a reliable and competitively priced utilities and infrastructure, incoming investors can also access a wide range of value-added services enabling incoming companies to focus on core operations.
    We will endeavour to find you the right development plot for your project and would consider dividing up larger plots for developments.

    Wainstones Plot


    The Wainstones plot is a 39 acre Brownfield development plot located on the south west boundary of Wilton International. It is the plot where the former 1875MW Teesside Power station stood. The plot is flattened to ground level whilst the existing gas connection and electricity export substations have been preserved.
    This plot is ideally suited to the development of a new gas fired power station for more information please download the flyer below or contact us with your enquiry.

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  • Commercial Space

    Commercial Space at Wilton International

    There’s a wide range of commercial space available at Wilton including: offices, workshops and business compounds. We try and match the space available to the needs of the business and tailor the offering to what works for them.


    Offices are available on long or short term lease arrangements. The space available is ideal for industrial businesses looking to expand (or downsize) or for businesses with operations on site such as a plant or a support service.
    For more information please contact us or download our latest flyer:

    Workshops and Warehousing

    Secure and expansive workshop and warehousing space is available to firms looking for the perfect base for a fabrication/engineering workshop or long/short term storage solutions.
    Recently some the workshop and warehouse space on site has utilised for other purposes such as pilot plants. Utilising the buildings and services on offer at Wilton provide a stable base for pilot plants to grow from.

    Compound Space

    The popular Wilton Supplier Village appeals to a broad range of firms in the supply chain, providing direct access to process industry customers many of whom are already on site. Space is available on a long or short term basis and extensions can be negotiated.

    Join the growing number of companies who are taking advantage of the commercial space Wilton has to offer. To discover more about the benefits of commercial space at Wilton International please contact us or download our latest brochure:

    For more information on any of the space available at Wilton or to discuss an option that works for your business please contact us: enquiries@wiltoninternational.com

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  • To develop and grow

    The Wilton International site offers the perfect platform for businesses to flourish – from energy intensive manufacturers looking to expand or establish a new process to supply chain firms seeking warehouse of compound space closer to customers.

    Some of the attractions of the site to developers include:

    Low cost, low carbon power
    Secure and reliable energy supplies
    Supportive planning
    Enterprise Zone status
    Trained and available workforce
    Fast access to markets

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  • Sectors

    The Wilton International site provides businesses of all sizes an ideal opportunity to develop their business. Whether this development is an expansion on current operations, downsizing of operations or a new development/venture.
    Some industrial sectors are more suitable for a development on site than others, we have created the following information sheets for these sectors. This is by no means an exhaustive list of sectors so if the sector you operate in isn’t featured then please contact us and we can discuss the project and opportunity in more detail.


    The UK provides a massive opportunity for an automotive development. Currently there is an estimated £4billion gap in the market for UK-made components.

    Wilton International is the perfect location for an energy intensive automotive development. The site offers developers:

    • Low cost power
    • Secure and reliable supplies
    • Enterprise Zone status
    • Supportive planning
    • Trained and available workforce
    • Fast access to markets

    For more information download the flyer below or to discuss the needs of your project please contact us-

    Email: enquiries@wiltoninternational.com
    Telephone: 01642 212019

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  • Power station development

    The Wainstones area of the Wilton site – once home to Europe’s largest gas fired power plant – retains all the features that make it ideal for development of the UK’s next generation of gas fired power plant. The supporting infrastructure preserved on the 39-acre brownfield site includes the gas connection and electricity export substations.

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  • Support Services

    Analytical Services

    A 7-day-a-week Analytical Services business with full international ISO17025 and ISO90001 accreditation is available to business and industrial customers.

    Utilising some of the most up to date analytical techniques and equipment, the team offers a tailored analytical solutions to customers and has the capability to carry out professional assessments of “unknown samples.”

    For further information contact UK-Analytical@sembcorp.com

    PR Support

    A highly experienced site PR team is ideally positioned to assist potential investors in gaining stakeholder support and understanding for site developments. The team is known and trusted by the communities around the site and in press, political and business circles.

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  • Pilot Plants

    The site has warehouses that could be retrofitted to provide the perfect space for a process pilot plant. In recent years this has become an attractive option to companies who are just starting out and want to reduce their costs and save on building something purpose built.

    Being located on site also allows them to take advantage of the benefits associated with locating at Wilton International. Being part of the site from an early stage could be beneficial when expanding operations up to a full scale plant as staff, networks, suppliers and customers will already be in place so to transition could be easier.

    For more information and to discuss your pilot process and the potential of locating at Wilton International, contact us at enquiries@wiltoninternational.com

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  • Peak Resources reveal £70million Wilton investment plan
    Peak Resources

    Australian firm Peak Resources has revealed plans to base a £70m mineral processing site at
    Wilton International – potentially creating 100 jobs.

    Perth-based Peak Resources has confirmed the Wilton International Site as its preferred
    location for a £70m “rare earth” refinery.

    The refinery would process minerals for use in a range of products, including mobile phones,
    wind turbines and for the automotive sector.


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    Golf Day

    Two great Teesside causes have been boosted by the result of a special charity golf
    tournament involving companies at the Wilton International site.

    The Junction Foundation at Redcar and Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice at Normanby shared more
    than £5,600 raised at the Wilton International ChariTees Golf Day held at Saltburn Golf Club in
    the autumn.

    The four-ball tournament attracted 18 teams of players from the main site companies and
    their contractors and supplier partners and was won by chemical firm Huntsman. More
    importantly it produced the right financial ‘result’ for the causes.


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  • Wilton International based SABIC sponsor major Teesside cultural event
    LDPE at night

    Science lovers are being offered a rare opportunity to take part in a night-time tour of
    Teesside’s chemical industry.

    Sabic is inviting the general public on a behind the scenes tour of the company’s Wilton site,
    near Redcar. More…

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  • Tees Valley Supports Carbon Capture and Storage Testing

    Tees Valley is enhancing its Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) credentials after being chosen
    by Edinburgh University as the location for a CCS project.

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  • SABIC named company of the year

    Teesside chemical company SABIC has been named Company of the Year by the
    Chemical Industries Association in recognition of its demonstrated business growth and
    sustained contribution to the economy.

    SABIC, which has major operations at the Wilton International site near Redcar, has
    made a range of major, sustained investments including the current Gas Cracking
    Project to the Olefins plant at Wilton. The plant’s conversion to take US shale gas will
    safeguard thousands of Teesside jobs whilst securing the company’s long-term future
    in the region. More…

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  • Ensus restart for trial

    The CropEnergies executive board has decided to start up the bioethanol plant in Wilton, UK,
    for a trial run starting in July 2016 at the latest. The plant has been offline following a pause in
    production since February 2015.


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  • New SABIC Site Director points way to secure future

    A major SABIC project will secure the long-term future of the firm’s Teesside business and will safeguard thousands of local jobs, says new Teesside Site Director John Bruijnooge.

    Bruijnooge says the major work to upgrade SABIC’s Olefins Cracker at Wilton has created hundreds of construction jobs and will safeguard thousands more across Teesside, and secure
    the long-term future of the Teesside business.

    SABIC is converting its massive Wilton based Olefins plant to take US shale gas, which is far cheaper than naphtha, the raw material that is currently used by the firm to produce the
    chemical building blocks for everyday items.

    Work is also underway to complete the build of a cryogenic tank at the company’s North Tees site, between Port Clarence and Seaton Carew, as part of an import terminal for the project.
    Phase one of the Gas Cracking Project will be completed in 2016.

    Bruijnooge, who is based at SABIC’s UK manufacturing HQ in the Wilton Centre, said: “After a series of years of restructuring and downsizing, SABIC is now reinvesting to secure the long
    term life of its assets.


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  • Biffa Wilton Investment

    Biffa Polymers to double output with £6.5 million investment

    Biffa Polymers, part of leading national waste management services provider, Biffa, has announced a £6.5 million investment into a new recycling line at its Wilton plant in Redcar.

    The second recycled High Density Polyethylene (rHPDE) line will enable the company to double its output of food grade rHDPE, which is used to make milk bottles and food trays, from 10,000 tonnes per year to 20,000 tonnes.

    Expected to be operational from early 2017, the new line will provide extra capacity for plastics recycling at a time when the wider plastics recycling industry is experiencing instability.

    Chris Hanlon, commercial director at Biffa Polymers said: “The creation of a new RHDPE line at our Redcar plant will put capacity back into the market to meet the growing demand that we are seeing, which is particularly important given recent events in the plastics recycling industry.


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Find out more about our space

To find out more about our space simply contact us using the contact information below, feel free to ask any questions or even come and visit us using the details provided to the right. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tel: 01642 212019
Email: enquiries@wiltoninternational.com
Address: Wilton International, Middlesbrough, Tees Valley, TS10 4RG


Visitors to Wilton International site who require more information ahead of their visit should please contact the Visitors Induction Centre – Tel 01642 212358.

Accessing our Site

Upon arrival please follow signs to the Visitors Induction Centre where you will be asked to complete a short induction process. Visitor parking is available to the front of the entrance. Site visitors who require more information please contact the Visitors Induction Centre – Tel 01642 212358.

Access By road

From the A19 follow the A174 into Redcar Town Centre, at the Kirkleatham Roundabout take the first left onto Wilton International Site, where you will reach the Visitors Induction Centre. You can find detailed directions to Wilton International Site here.

Satellite navigation

The Google map facility can be used to find detailed directions to Wilton International Site. Please use the following address and postcode:

Wilton International Site
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